Mission and Vision


Our mission is to allow the Gospel to make us Rethink our worldview, to help us Renew our heart and allow us to Respond in love to our city and world.

Living This Out.

  • RETHINK – The TRUTH of the Gospel (the person and completed work of Jesus) causes us to rethink our natural assumptions about God, ourselves and the world around us. Our desire, with God’s help, is to critically examine our assumptions and be constantly challenged by the Gospel to know God as he has revealed himself through his Word and nature.
  • RENEW – The HOPE of the Gospel (that we are desperately wicked and yet immeasurably loved) brings us to a life of repentance, which renews our relationship with God, our Creator. This primary relationship restored then renews all other relationships. Our desire, with God’s help, is to help grow the Gospel in each other by seeing God’s work in all things and all people and as we discover the depths to which we are loved in spite of our sin, that we might love others in spite of their differences.
  • RESPOND – The EFFECT of the Gospel (that Jesus brings LIFE beyond existence) causes us to respond in a radically new way being transformed to serve God joyfully by joining in his work. Our desire, with God’s help, is to serve our city and our neighborhoods while constantly reminding each other of God’s command and our privilege to spread the Gospel through word and deed.


Our vision is to see an expanding, Gospel centered community that is challenging to the mind, healing to the soul and responding in love to the world around us.

Accomplishing This.

  • By preaching a Gospel centered worldview that speaks against the religious and the irreligious, the moralist and the relativist.
  • By forming a Sunday gathering that is engaging and challenging to allow a transformational encounter with God.
  • Gathering in smaller communities to share lives face to face and learn to love people that are different from ourselves.
  • Through these communities to engage missionally in our neighborhoods and in mercy to the hurting and poor in our city.
  • Through ongoing study of God’s Word and practicing the Gospel in every aspect of life.
  • Through equipping and training people on how to apply our lives to the Gospel and share it with others.
  • Through expanding outside the 4 walls of a church building to engage our culture (at all levels) in conversation.
  • Through expanding the church in forms, times and bodies.