Refuge Church follows 5 core values.


The Bible points us to the full revelation of God through Jesus. His person and work represent the Gospel (Good News) that though we were once enemies of God, He has made us new and restored our relationship. (Jn 14:6, Rom. 5:8)


This truth reveals to us our wickedness, but also God’s absolute greatness. As God’s truth is unfolded more and more in our lives, our proper response is one of complete awe.


The revelation that God himself became nothing so that we could become rich (2Cor. 8:9) transforms the way we view other people. One who is transformed by the Gospel can no longer look away in shame or down in pride upon anyone. But because we’ve been loved, we can love and consider others more significant than ourselves (Phil. 2)


Because God created you, you have been designed in a unique way

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which specifically reflects God’s goodness in and to this world. (Eph 2:10) Understanding our gifts and strengths plays a vital part in understanding our value as God’s unique creatures.


Creation – Fall – Redemption – Restoration

This is the grand story of God’s mission in the world, and we have received the privilege and invitation of joining with God in his work of restoring all creation. When we join him in His mission, we begin to see the importance of our smaller stories within his big story. (Mt 28, Rev 21)