What To Expect

You should expect a friendly, casual environment with some smiling, but real people. We’ll sing some songs together, take some time to say “hi” to each other and hear a sermon from the Bible that deals with the messes we find ourselves in even today.

Our weekly services incorporate several things. Singing, Greeting, Teaching, Communion, Giving and Prayer.


There are multiple styles and preferences in music and we recognize that, however, all of our music has the same theme – Jesus. Some weeks we have a full, plugged in band, sometimes we have an acoustic set, sometimes we even have a mandolin and djembe. We gather around and sing new songs with old beats and old songs with new beats. We like folk, rock, funk, jazz, bluegrass, popit…and some others mixed in. We sing songs about Jesus TO Jesus. We sing songs of how great he is, how much we love him, and all that he has done for us. The good news is our voices all blend so whatever your talent level, you’re invited to sing out!


God has made himself known to us…and that is great news! God has given us the Bible which captures this huge story of God’s creation, man’s fall, God’s redemption and promise of complete restoration. Each week we look at how small, messed up people can become part of God’s grand story. We look to the Bible to see this story and understand the Gospel, which helps us understand who God is, who we are and how to live that out.


Toward the end of each service we share a meal together called communion. Jesus instituted this meal as a new interpretation of what was called the Passover meal in the Old Testament. We invite all who are followers of Christ (Christians) to participate in this meal. On the night before Jesus died, he was gathered together with his disciples and he broke bread and poured wine into a cup and told his disciples to eat and drink. Jesus proclaimed that this was his body and blood broken and poured out for the forgiveness of sins. We encourage followers of Christ to live out the reality of the resurrection in being the hands and feet (the body) of Christ to the world around us.

This is, however, a meal for followers of Christ. If you are

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not a Christian, you are absolutely welcome to come and be a part of this service and we are honored and humbled to have you.


For those who call Refuge home, it is an opportunity to give of our lives to serve God and His kingdom. We do this, in part, by giving our tithes and offerings with an understanding that a) money is not something that is ours to begin with and b) God will do more than we could ask or imagine. We give, not simply out of duty, but primarily out of joy. If you are our guest, this time together is our gift to you and we ask that you do NOT give financially, but that you turn in a worship response card to let us know about you and if there is anything that we can do to help you in your spiritual journey.