Join us this Summer as we begin our series on the attributes of God: "Behold Your God." It's strange but true - we are changed, not by what we do, or what we know, but by what (or Who) we behold. Only God is big enough, true enough, holy enough, perfect enough for us to behold for an eternity. And mercifully, he reveals himself to us and lets us fix our eyes on him now! He invites us to know him as he has revealed himself, to love him as he is, and to submit ourselves in faith and worship.

Sunday Service on Memorial Day Weekend

"We are having one service this Sunday at 10:00 am; where we will walk through the grand story of scripture which is Creation, Rebellion, Redemption and Restoration. We will do this through singing, reading of God's word, prayer and communion together." Come join us!

Memorial Day Service

Our normal 9:00 and 11:00 AM services on May 28 are being combined into one service at 10:00 AM.